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    Muslim Girl’s Selfie Marking End of Ramadan

    Yogyakarta, Indonesia

    Slamet Riyadi/AP

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    Mobile Technology Drives Auto-Rickshaw Transactions Lifting Driver Income

    Start up companies in India are using technology to connect auto-rickshaw drivers with customers.  In a market segment where drivers do not have smartphones or GPS, Autowale developed an algorithm that predicts an auto-rickshaw’s potential route for the day, and assigns pickups with text messages. Customers request a rickshaw through the company’s app, website or by using Autowale’s call center. The velocity of rides and fares raises driver income and delivers market efficiencies on the demand side. Uber India does not compete in this space, focusing upscale on the taxi market segment. 

    Text and Ride in IndiaNew York Times 

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    Source:  Maximizing Mobile for Development

    A Project of the World Bank 

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    Overcoming poverty is not a task of charity, it is an act of justice.”

    Nelson Mandela International Day 

    July 18, 2014

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    Catalyzing Growth in Women Run Small and Medium Enterprises in India

    A qualitative research study by ICRW of early participants in the 10,000 Women program in India. 

    Women who run SME’s have a key role to play in developing economies, yet they are often underserved in accessing business and management training, and entrepreneurial networks.  This summary brief illustrates how the 10,000 Women initiative — in combination with a number of other factors — is making a difference in participants’ businesses and lives. 

    Click image to access PDF 

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    A Long Walk 

    by Shannon Jensen

    Over 100,000 Sudanese from Blue Nile have walked hundreds of miles for days and weeks seeking refuge in South Sudan from displacement and violence. Jensen’s images of footwear tell their story, documenting the perseverance and determination of refugees on foot.

    Shannon Jensen was awarded the Inge Morath prize for documentary photography in 2014.   

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    Images by:

    Hatem Moussa, Gaza

    Muhammed Muheisen, Pakistan

    Guran Ozturk, Syria

    Castel Gandolfo Christopher, Italy

    Goran Tomasevic, Sudan

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    #Time to Act: Sexual Violence in Conflict 

    The use of rape as a weapon of war has led to its normalisation, thereby eroding all limits and social constraints against sexual and gender based violence, worsening the phenomenon and its consequences for women. 

    Julienne Lusenge, Democratic Republic of Congo 

    Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict, London, June 2014

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    Banking on Shared Value 

    New research on how banks can achieve competitive advantage by rethinking their role in society.  

    Click cover to access report

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    Will secure rights to land be incorporated into the post 2015 global development goals?
    Most of the world’s poorest families live in rural areas and depend on land to survive.  Most do not have rights to the land they farm. 
    Landesa is out front in identifying key leverage effects of rights to land for the poor, and promoting land security as a target for the new sustainable development goals. 
    Infographic by Landesa 

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